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this is top quality work guys.

i am sure this must have been drawn before but i had to get it out of my system.

now i can sleep.

good night.

Wouldn’t it would be more ironic if the tan were where the glasses were,
or maybe it’s ironic because they’re so into irony and they didn’t do that.
So basically once you get to a certain level of irony everything you do is ironic because not acting ironic would be ironic…



it’s funny how 4chan managed to get a child molester arrested and they helped catch the girl who threw her puppy off a bridge + the guy who tortured his cat

yet tumblr manages to get someone’s pet fox killed

That’s because 4chan is capable of actual activism and quashing misinformation and getting things done for their causes instead of sitting around on their fucking computers and complaining about shit they know absolutely nothing about.


(NASA) Twenty five years ago, the brightest supernova of modern times was sighted. Over time, astronomers have watched and waited for the expanding debris from this tremendous stellar explosion to crash into previously expelled material. A clear result of such a collision is demonstrated in the above time lapse video of images recorded by the Hubble Space Telescope between 1994 and 2009. The movie depicts the collision of an outward moving blast wave with the pre-existing, light-year wide ring. The collision occurred at speeds near 60 million kilometers per hour and shock-heats the ring material causing it to glow. Astronomers continue to study the collision as it illuminates the interesting past of SN 1987A, and provides clues to the origin of the mysterious rings.

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